Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Artful Sunday

I did get to go to the Dallas City Arts Festival on Sunday. It was a blast! Josh and I went with a friend, Jennifer. We rode the DART rail down from Plano (that was fun by itself, as I'd never ridden it before) and here are a couple of pics of downtown Dallas, walking from the train station to the festival (about 2 blocks):

Be warned, the pics were taken with a cell phone, so they aren't the greatest!

I didn't take any pics inside the festival out of respect for the artists, but I saw a LOT of fantastic local art and some really great jewelry. I saw these beautiful pendants this lady did in glass (which happens to be a new medium I am attempting). The pendants were made from bits of millefiore, which look like this pic to the right. She made trees from bits of glass, and the leaves were all these millefiore. So gorgeous. I'm not sure if this woman fused or lampworked, but I'm leaning toward fused. Too bad I can't afford a kiln right now! (Plus Josh would just kill me!) Anyway, after we browsed the wares, we decided to check out the Dallas Museum of Art (because 1. I love that place, and 2. it was freaking hot and the DMA was air conditioned). We saw a neat exhibit on modern art (where I saw a couple of Duchamp's!) And then we went upstairs to check out the Japanese and African art, Ancient Egyptian, Buddhist, even some Ancient Greek and Roman stuff. We saw a Matisse (gorgeous colors!) A couple of Mondrian's (the placard said he would spend months deciding how to perfectly fill the canvas to have no definite start or finish and no discernible focal point. Interesting.) We also saw a Pollock. Love his texture and use of color (all of them!) So all in all it was a fantastic day! Even with the ride home on the train that was standing room only! Here is one last photo of me inside the DMA (which technically you aren't supposed to do, but since there aren't any works of art in it, I think its ok...)

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