Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ouch! Almost a year...

Wow! It's been almost a year since my last post! Way too much has happened in the last 10 months...I moved, changed of all I will be getting a new kitten soon (as soon as he's born and old enough to leave momma...) As for crafting...I'm in my senior year at Uni so I haven't had much time for crafting (though I intend to take full advantage of the two or three weeks off I will have between the end of Spring and the start of Summer semesters...) But, I did manage to find time to embroider my new backpack for school, so without further ado here are some piccies!

Here is a full view. The backpack is just your typical Jansport (I removed the logo patch) The patterns I got from It's the Kurt Halsey patterns, based on his artwork. I have a couple of close ups for you too!

This is a close up of the sweet little bluebird (my favorite! Done in stem stitch) And a little bee (he's just backstitched. My thumbs hurt too bad after the birdie!)

Here is the darling angel (not me! Heh.) And another lil bee. I love the bag. Its perfect for all my books and such and I know no one else on campus has one. It cost a lot in blood, sweat, and tears, though. That heavy canvas was a bi-otch to stitch through! So stiff, I didn't even need a hoop!

Friday, June 29, 2007

More of my Garden

This is a somewhat fuzzy pic of a GIANT Boston Fern. (I hate watering it, because it's so prickly)

Here's our Philodendron, in its new basket.

This is some sort of yucca that desperately needs replanting. (He is seriously outgrowing his little pot!)

My beautiful snake plant. (I heart him so much!)
And these little guys are the chicks that Jesse gave me from his Hens and Chicks! (I'm a little worried they are getting too much water from all the rain we've been having...)
Next post I will dedicate to all the crochet projects finished and in progress...

Friday, June 22, 2007

My Container Garden

As promised, here is my little container garden.

Here is a shot of the whole shebang. See my little flower box. We just added that 2 days ago. The plants on the inside are harder to see.

Here's a close up of the flower box. The yellow ones are marigolds (to keep away bugs, I hope) and I don't know the name of the pink ones.

Here is my little garden bunny.
An extreme close up of my pride and joy, miniature yellow roses. (they've bloomed thrice so far!)
More close ups to follow, so stay tuned!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Day at Jesse's

Hey all. I spent a lovely afternoon out at Jesse's today. Not only did I get a fantastic massage(he's a registered massage therapist) but we also explored his fabulous garden! More info can be found on his site (see my links to the right ---> ) check out his garden blog for sure! On to the pics!

Here's Jesse and me (with the sun in my eyes, doh!)

These are Hens and Chicks (Jesse even gave me 2 for my own "garden"!!)

This is Echinacea aka Cone flower (pretty, no?)

This is Agave (as in Tequila, yes!) But it is poisonous, so we must be careful around it!

And last but not least, a Lilly. I forgot which. But it is such a beautiful purple. Almost black.

All of these pics were taken by the talented Mr. Josh (he rocks. Although we just figured out the setting to make the photos less blue, so, next time...) Jesse is such a talented gardener. I learn something new from him every time I visit! Next post I will have some pics of my own "garden" (I live in an apartment, so I have a container garden!)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Artful Sunday

I did get to go to the Dallas City Arts Festival on Sunday. It was a blast! Josh and I went with a friend, Jennifer. We rode the DART rail down from Plano (that was fun by itself, as I'd never ridden it before) and here are a couple of pics of downtown Dallas, walking from the train station to the festival (about 2 blocks):

Be warned, the pics were taken with a cell phone, so they aren't the greatest!

I didn't take any pics inside the festival out of respect for the artists, but I saw a LOT of fantastic local art and some really great jewelry. I saw these beautiful pendants this lady did in glass (which happens to be a new medium I am attempting). The pendants were made from bits of millefiore, which look like this pic to the right. She made trees from bits of glass, and the leaves were all these millefiore. So gorgeous. I'm not sure if this woman fused or lampworked, but I'm leaning toward fused. Too bad I can't afford a kiln right now! (Plus Josh would just kill me!) Anyway, after we browsed the wares, we decided to check out the Dallas Museum of Art (because 1. I love that place, and 2. it was freaking hot and the DMA was air conditioned). We saw a neat exhibit on modern art (where I saw a couple of Duchamp's!) And then we went upstairs to check out the Japanese and African art, Ancient Egyptian, Buddhist, even some Ancient Greek and Roman stuff. We saw a Matisse (gorgeous colors!) A couple of Mondrian's (the placard said he would spend months deciding how to perfectly fill the canvas to have no definite start or finish and no discernible focal point. Interesting.) We also saw a Pollock. Love his texture and use of color (all of them!) So all in all it was a fantastic day! Even with the ride home on the train that was standing room only! Here is one last photo of me inside the DMA (which technically you aren't supposed to do, but since there aren't any works of art in it, I think its ok...)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Dirt Balls?

Here is some digital art my friend Jesse sent me. Cool, no? (I spy a Batz Maru...although Deery Lou is my new fave.)
If you are bored, here is a dirt cheap (literally) craft to try. Apparently it is all the rage with Japanese schoolchildren: I swear this is the coolest thing ever! As soon as I have time and dirt I am totally all over this!
If you are in the Dallas area, this weekend is the Dallas Fine Arts Festival. Free admission in the arts district downtown. Josh and I are riding the DART rail down on Sunday. admission to the DMA and the Nasher (My favorite places to go in Dallas!) I will be taking pics and posting them Sunday.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Such a Disappointment

I whipped up a practice Rural Messenger with some orange fabric my Nana gave me and I don't know what went wrong! First of all, I was having all kinds of trouble with the sewing machine (I hate winding bobbins!!) And I could only find my little silver pins with the flat heads so my thumb is very sore! Somehow, I mismeasured one of the pieces and ended up about an inch short on one side of the lining...and there were a few other any rate, thank goodness it was only a practice run. At least I know what to watch for when I do the real one. I think I will do another practice one, but not tonight...