Monday, May 28, 2007


Since today was Memorial Day, I said some prayers for the troops, of course, and I went shopping! Not the crazy, all out shopping most people do on this day, forgetting the real meaning of the day. I was really on my way to spend time with the boyfrusband's family, after leaving my family's home, and we stopped at a little antique mall on the way. This place was packed with all kinds of cool (and not so cool) old stuff. The prices were a little on the high side for some of the stuff. I saw a stuffed bobcat that had really seen better days. The poor thing looked like it had mange or something. Most of the hair on its back was missing, and one eye had fallen out, and the price tag asked $275! But, I did manage to score three Reader's Digests with really cool cover designs and some book that was from the '50s all for $6.00! So you can imagine what these shall become...I will have pics of the new purses as soon as they are made!

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